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Medium-Dark Roast | Fair-Trade, Organic

Aroma: Nutty, Brown Sugar
Cupping: Caramel, fruity, chocolate, hint of Hinot of smokiness
Varietals: Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Navo, and Obata
Elevation: 850 - 100 Meters

Full-bodied and low acidity this is a traditional tasting Brazil - thick, creamy, nutty and semi-sweet. A very sweet first taste, almost a little fruity, and then quickly turns darker-toned with a bakers chocolate and slightly toasted walnut flavour. Great blend base for espresso or adding body with darker tones - many will love it as an S/O drinker.

Net Weight 12 oz (340g) / 1lb (454g) / 22 oz (624g) / 2lb (908g)

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