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Medium Roast | Fair-Trade, Organic

Aroma: Nutty aromas of dark cinnamon and almond, with a sweet flavour of cocoa, clove, almond, and citrus.
Varietals: Bourbon, Tipica, Mundo Novo, Geisha
Elevation: 1,200 - 1,700 Meters

This coffee is brought to you by the women farmers of Cesmach, women who have increased their income, their ability to organize, and their leadership opportunities by participating in Cafe Femenino. 

The women of Cesmach have used their increased income to support their families during show production periods brought on by coffee rust, a destructive plant disease. 

Net Weight 12 oz (340g) / 1lb (454g) / 22 oz (624g) / 2lb (908g)

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