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All Fair-Trade, Organic

$14/12oz (jar or bag), $17/lb, $22/22oz jar

Cafe Femenino Sumatra Kokowagyo

Medium-Dark Roast. Floral, fruity, cocoa, black cherry with the sweet aromas of vanilla and pipe tobacco.


Medium-Dark Roast. Nutty, brown sugar, caramel, light citrus, chocolate. Well-rounded acidity, pleasant sweetness.

WTF - Wolf Tree Firehall

Medium-Dark Roast. Full bodied blend. Chocolate, nuts, citrus. Blend of Central American, Indonesian and African Coffees.

Howling Wolf

Medium-Dark Roast. Espresso Blend. Great crema. Rich flavours of chocolate and roasted nuts with a wonderful depth.

Wolf Cub

Medium-Dark Roast. Our take on Mocha Java - which is said to be the world’s oldest coffee blend. Complementary characteristics of the Indian and African coffees form a well balanced, complex vcoffee that isn’t overpowering.

Decaf Blend

Medium-Dark Roast. Blend of South and Central American, Indonesian and African coffees. This is not your average decaf! Full-bodied coffee that is sweet and syrupy with a hint of chocolate.

Cafe Femenino Mexican Chiapas

Medium Roast. The aromas of dark cinnamon, almonds, cocoa and citrus make this our most popular coffee.

Cafe Femenino Guatemala

Medium Roast. This is a sweet, clean, and bright coffee with hazelnut, citrus and floral flavour.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Medium Roast. Wine-y, floral, citrus, light coffee.

Peru Penachi

Medium Roast. Great single origin espresso. Well balanced and complex with a sweet and nutty finish.