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All Fair-Trade, Organic

Cafe Femenino Sumatra Kokowagyo

Medium-Dark Roast. Floral, fruity, cocoa, black cherry with the sweet aromas of vanilla and pipe tobacco.


Medium-Dark Roast. Nutty, brown sugar, caramel, light citrus, chocolate. Well-rounded acidity, pleasant sweetness.

WTF - Wolf Tree Firehall

Medium-Dark Roast. Full bodied blend. Chocolate, nuts, citrus. Blend of Central American, Indonesian and African Coffees.

Howling Wolf

Medium-Dark Roast. Espresso Blend. Great crema. Rich flavours of chocolate and roasted nuts with a wonderful depth.

Wolf Cub

Medium-Dark Roast. Our take on Mocha Java - which is said to be the world’s oldest coffee blend. Complementary characteristics of the Indian and African coffees form a well balanced, complex vcoffee that isn’t overpowering.

Decaf Blend

Medium-Dark Roast. Blend of South and Central American, Indonesian and African coffees. This is not your average decaf! Full-bodied coffee that is sweet and syrupy with a hint of chocolate.

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT - AWAITING NEW CROP - Cafe Femenino Mexican Chiapas

Medium Roast. The aromas of dark cinnamon, almonds, cocoa and citrus make this our most popular coffee.

Cafe Femenino Guatemala

Medium Roast. This is a sweet, clean, and bright coffee with hazelnut, citrus and floral flavour.

Cafe Femenino Colombia Excelso

Medium Roast.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Medium Roast. Wine-y, floral, citrus, light coffee.

Peru Penachi

Medium Roast. Great single origin espresso. Well balanced and complex with a sweet and nutty finish.